Gavin and portrait photography...

My relationship with photography started pretty young. In sixth grade I got what I thought was the coolest phone ever, it had a pretty good camera and I immediately started experimenting with the settings to manipulate my photos. From that point on I dreamed of having my own camera, and joining yearbook in middle school just excelled my passion. When I finally saved up the money for my first camera, I was so excited. I ordered my very own Canon T6, which was such a great camera to start on... I shot on this camera body for 4 years, including my first full year of calling my self a professional.

So that's how I started into photography, but what about my business? I started taking pictures of my friends during the summer of 2020, when the only way we could hangout was outside. We would go to parks with my camera and have fun taking pictures for their instagram. I grew to love the process of taking photos, editing them, and the excitement that came when I delivered the photos. Two years ago my business experienced a huge turning point. One of my beloved clients entrusted me with her senior photos; she was my very first senior portrait client. Her senior session left me with some of my favorite photos I've ever taken. From that point on, senior sessions have continued to be my favorite time of year. I love capturing each person's unique personality and seeing them share their favorites every "senior Sunday".

Okay so now we've covered how I got here, next, what's the plan for my future? I am, as many know 17 years old. I'm a senior in high school and certainly counting down the days till I graduate! Post high school, I plan to work on going full time with my photography and niching down to weddings, while still getting in all my senior sessions over the summer. I love photography and the fact that it is even a possibility for me to consider going full time is such a blessing.

Time for some transparency... I have no idea what I'm doing with a blog, however I've been told by countless people in the industry that blogs are VERY important for your business. So here I am, wishing I paid more attention in English, trying to type out a blog post. I have no idea what I'm supposed to talk about here but I have some ideas so stay tuned...

Until next time,


meet Jayna,

Jayna is my first senior client mentioned above. Without her I certainly would not be where I am.